Who we are

AEGEE München e.V. (pronounced ah-ey-jay) is one of over 200 local AEGEE student groups which can be found all across Europe – from Portugal to Azerbajian. Together are we the biggest interdisciplinary student organization in Europe. Together we  promote intercultural exchange and cooperation between young Europeans.

What is so special about AEGEE? Check this video on YouTube to get a first glimpse!

AEGEE was founded in Paris in 1985 and stands for ‘Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe). We are a non-profit, interdisciplinary organization without political or confessional affiliation. Today we are made up of 13000 students and young professionals in 200 towns across 40 countries. Areas of activity include

  • Cultural exchange
  • Civic engagement
  • Higher education

AEGEE is supported by the European Commission, has consultative status in the European Parliament and the UN, is a member of the European Youth Forum, and works together with UNESCO on international projects. We stand for European integration and a multi-faceted Europe. We are present nearly everywhere in Europe!

To get a better understanding you can find a video about our general assembly in Catania 2017 here:

Here is some more information about the history of AEGEE and its formation:

For more general information about AEGEE please visit: www.aegee.org