Running Dinner

AEGEE is planning a new event for you:

A Running Dinner on Saturday the 2nd of June

Let’s enjoy a unique mix of cooking, eating and meeting new people.
To participate, you will team up with another person to cook one dish (starter, main dish or desert) for 6 people. In return you will be served by two other teams for the two other dishes.
IMPORTANT: To participate, you have to sign up in order to coordinate the event. You may easily understand that it requires a bit of organization!
Information we nee:

  • Name of the 2 persons in your team
  • Adress (only the one where you’ll be able to welcome people of course)
  • What you want to cook: starter, main dish or desert –> give your preference: 1 first choice – 2: second choice etc…

If you’re alone and you have no team, please contact us and we try to find you a nice partner! If you have any question, send an email as well!
Email contact:
Running Dinner on Facebook!