Green It Up! in Munich

Event nameGreen It Up! in Munich
DescriptionServus! and Welcome to the capital city of Bavaria, Munich. Located among breathtaking green hills and surrounded by pure nature of the river Isar, our city and AEGEE-München will take you on the exciting adventure. On this green adventure, you will discover how to reach an approaching-to-zero-waste lifestyle, how to build and advocate for making your city smarter and more inclusive. You will see Munich on foot and bike, from an electric bus and train. Additionally, you will get to experience our long-lasting beer-brewing tradition.Our highly international team and the ambassadors of the SAIL Project has prepared a vast variety of workshops on sustainability and inclusivity, and will make sure that you can take the most practical knowledge back to Green Up! your city.This event is co-financed by the European Youth Forum as part of the SAIL Project as a Pilot Summer University.
Event typePilot SU
Theme categorySustainability
ThemeGreen It Up! in München: the European youth as a main driver for making the cities smarter & greener. Learn about recycling & nutrition alternatives, cycling movements and different eco-initiatives as well as how to drive positive change in your city.
Max. participants20
Application statusOpen
Application period ends 2022-05-16 01:59
Starts 2022-08-13 12:00
Starts inNot specified
Ends 2022-08-21 12:00
Ends inNot specified
Accommodation typeHostel
Ideal participantThe ideal participant is motivated to make the world greener, more sustainable and more inclusive. They are interested in expanding their knowledge in these topics, and are willing to take an active role in making this change.
Participant confirmation neededPayment
List of activitiesWorkshops provided by SAIL ambassadors who are specifically trained about the topics of sustainability and inclusivity, Discussing policies on sustainability that will be shared with local and regional decision-makers. Study visits to and seminars from NGOs and startups, bike city tour, vegan cooking night, brew your own beer, open air cinema, visit to urban gardens, inlcusive city tour,
TrainersTrainers will be the ambassadors of the SAIL project who have been trained to deliver sessions in sustainability, inclusivity and active participation
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Payment and cancellation rulesAs this SU is a pilot SAIL SU, the details will be specified later.
SU specific regulationsThe participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with one of the vaccines approved by the EMA. The COVID regulations at the time of the SU will be announced.