EUROPA – Written in Capitals

The Summer University 2018 will be provided together by AEGEE-Stuttgart and AEGEE-München. Our participants will take a journey across three cities: Munich for 5 days, 4 days in Stuttgart and 3 days in Strasbourg.
Core of the whole SU will be two political simulations. Our guests will experience how it is to be a politician in a simulation of the European Union Parliament(MEU). The topic is inspired by the European Planning meeting in Yerevan. We will continue working on a borderless Europe and we plan to have a real-world impact. The other Simulation will be about an Insititution of the Model United Nations(MUN).
Our participants will get all the information and trainings to successfully take part and develop their skills in researching their positions, negotiating, and debating.

We’re also looking forward to showing our guests our social program and trips. We will visit prestigious castles and as a highlight we will visiting the Europa-Park!
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Preliminary program of the Summer University

Check out our and the whole Summer University Program here: