Who we are

What is so special about AEGEE? Check this video on YouTube to get a first glimpse!

AEGEE was founded in Paris in 1985 and stands for ‘Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe). We are a non-profit, interdisciplinary organization without political or confessional affiliation. Today we are made up of 13000 students and young professionals in 200 towns across 40 countries. Areas of activity include

  • Cultural exchange
  • Civic engagement
  • Higher education

AEGEE is supported by the European Commission, has consultative status in the European Parliament and the UN, is a member of the European Youth Forum, and works together with UNESCO on international projects. We stand for European integration and a multi-faceted Europe. We are present nearly everywhere in Europe!

To get a better understanding you can find a video about our general assembly in Catania 2017 here:

Here is some more information about the history of AEGEE and its formation:

For more general information about AEGEE please visit: www.aegee.org.