Summer University

The Summer University (SU) is certainly one of the biggest and best projects that is organized by local groups of AEGEE. Participating at an SU means that you will spend around two weeks in one or several places in Europe together with students from all over Europe. Usually the participants do not know each other beforehand. This means that you will immediately catch up with the others and possibly you will come home with some new lifelong friends. You will never be alone – at most until you arrive at the destination ;).

Sounds exciting? Here is a little glimpse of what you can expect:

Depending on the SU that you choose you can expect interesting workshops, sightseeing, adrenaline or relaxation at the beach.
Why you should participate?
An SU is cheap, lots of fun, you will meet exciting people and return with friends from all over Europe. It is going to be the summer of your life!

Do not miss your chance and select your SU now!

Here you can find more information about SUs:

AEGEE Summer Universities (SU) are two-week language or cultural trips that take place throughout Europe every year between June and September. Your choices are:
sutype1Summer Course (SC): Theme-oriented courses in a broad range of topics, from sailing to mythology.
Summer Course Plus (SC+): Summer Courses Plus are academic courses led by university instructors that deal intensively with one specific topic.
sutype3Summer Events (SE): The main feature of Summer Events (SE) is their lack of a concrete program of instruction. Many SEs only last a week.
sutype5Language Course (LC): What’s taught in the languages courses should be pretty clear.
sutype4Language Course Plus (LC+): These are advanced-level language courses.
sutype6Travelling Summer University (TSU): Travelling Summer Universities are cultural trips that offer a look into a particular region by visiting several places.


Participation in a SU costs around 14€ per day and includes accommodation, two meals per day and the content.


In general, participants are hosted privately by students. The particular form of accommodation will be presented by the organizers of the particular SU.


The extent of the board varies from SU to SU, but generally you can expect two meals per day. This is funded by the participation fee and possible sponsors.


The organizers of the SU decide on a topic and offer corresponding presentations, workshops and excursions. The topics range from languages to culture or politics.

Social Program

Every SU offers what we call a Social Program in addition to the daily instruction that includes, among other activities, excursions, city tours, sight-seeing, movie and theater evenings, and parties. During these programs, you’ll have the opportunity to meet local AEGEE members and to try out your language skills. In general, these programs don’t require any additional cost.


Please contact us to register and for all information regarding the application procedure.

Registration Deadline

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